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Our Founder and Private Wealth Advisor, Paul Mershon prides himself on being a creative, “out of the box” thinker who has unique insights, knowledge, and communications skills, specifically in meeting the complicated demands of Ultra High Net Worth (UNHW) and/or high-income individuals, families and business owners – especially in identifying means to mitigate income, capital gain and ultimately estate taxes for his clients.

Paul began his career in 1978 following his graduation from the University of Minnesota Carlson Business School. He quickly developed a flourishing practice from the ground-up in the Twin Cities area, and then successfully transitioned to Madison, WI in 1982. There, he built a comprehensive multi-disciplinary based Wealth Advisory Firm, recruiting and training almost two dozen highly successful Wealth advisors.

In 1992, Paul sold his interest in the Madison based operation and relocated his practice to Scottsdale, AZ. In a relatively short time, he developed the idea for a truly bespoke comprehensive private wealth advisory, which he ultimately developed during those early years.

Today, as the founding member of Silverhawk, Paul splits his time between Scottsdale, AZ and Newport Beach, CA, educating UHNW and Family Offices on the strategies that they may want to consider to improve overall wealth and reduce taxes at all levels. Paul is a truly effective well-informed and perceptive communicator as well as a highly-skilled trusted advisor.

When he is not working on Silverhawk or assisting his clients and prospects with understanding their best options for improvement, you will find him traveling to spend time with his granddaughters, who will tell you that they believe that their “Papa” is a really cool dude. Oh, and there is always the annual Napa trip to source great Cabs!


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